How to get free access to MidJourney AI?

How to get free access to MidJourney AI?

Midjourney is a discord based community that specializes in AI art, enabling artists to generate artwork with the assistance of artificial intelligence. By inputting prompts and allowing the algorithm to produce images based on them, artists can create unique pieces. Midjourney is among the most potent tools available for this purpose and can be compared to another renowned AI art generator, DALL-E3.

Steps to get access to MidJourney AI

  1. Join the Midjourney Discord server and select a server to join. You need a Discord account to use Midjourney AI.

  2. Goto and click on ‘Join the Beta’ buton and Accept the invite.

  3. Navigate to any of the newbie channel.

  4. Type “/imagine” and then your prompt for the art you wish to create. For example, “/imagine Harry potter in india”.

  5. Wait for the AI to generate four images based on your prompt. You can click image to enlarge it or open it in a new web-browser window.

  6. Use the buttons below your generated image to guide the AI toward what you want. The buttons labeled U are to upscale the corresponding image, V are to get different variants of the image.

  7. Download your image as a PNG file or copy its URL. Easy!

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