Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 1 : Review and Where to Download/Watch

Its finally here! After 595 days of wait – the most anticipated TV show in the history, Game of thrones have returned to our screens.

Slight spoilers ahead. So if you are yet to watch the episode, scroll to the end where I have provided the links where you can watch the episode.

The First Episode titled ‘Winterfell’ is more like a reunion.  

Theon and Yara
Jon and Sam
Arya and Gendry/Hound
Arya and Jon

The list continues…

As far as the script is concerned there is not much going on as compared to the previous seasons. The episode is more like a build f the coming episodes.

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Another important thing that has happened was when Sam reveals the big secret to Jon – about his father and Mother.

One important thing about the episode was that there were no battles or blood shed.  (only very few for a GoT fan ) and there was no Night King in the episode. The episodes also shows, the doubts the Northerners especially Sansa has about Daenerys. Also, what Cersei have in mind. It seems she is planning for something big to defeat Jon and Daenerys.

The episode as a whole even though was not action packed, still had its movement for fans. And what they can expect in the future episodes.

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Where to Watch

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